Datagrid notifications and app integrations with Zapier

Datagrid VCTR can send notifications when:

  • new systems are added, or
  • when new vulnerabilities are detected that affect existing systems, or
  • vulnerabilities affecting existing systems are updated (e.g., severity change)

These notifications are provided through a Zapier app and they can trigger a variety of actions: send e-mail, send SMS, call a web hook, message on Slack/Hipchat, open a support ticket, etc. Zapier gives you access to integrations with over 500 different applications and actions.

Zapier Dashboard with Datagrid app triggers

The Datagrid VCTR app in Zapier is currently in beta; you can add it to your Zapier account by visiting the Datagrid Preview app.

Get notified of critical vulnerabilities by e-mail

Here are step-by-step instructions for adding a notification rule (called a zap) that will send you e-mail whenever a critical vulnerability is identified in your systems:

  1. If you are new to Zapier, register a free Zapier account at Zapier
  2. Visit the Datagrid Preview app to add it to your account: click the red Accept Invite & Go To Dashboard button
  3. At the Zapier dashboard, click the red MAKE A ZAP! button at the top of the page and:
    • for the trigger app, select the Datagrid app (type datagrid in the search box if you don't see the app in Your Apps)
    • in the choose the trigger step, select the first trigger, New/Revised Vulnerability
    • in the choose account step, if you don't see your Datagrid account listed, click the grey Connect a New Account button; in the pop-up window, enter your Datagrid API username and password. If you use the Anonymization Gateway, enter its URL (e.g.,; otherwise leave the default value of Give the account a name (e.g., My Datagrid account or, if you have multiple accounts, something that allows you to distinguish between them)
    • in the set up options step, set the Minimum Severity to 10 (or any lower value you want); leave the remaining options with their default values
    • in the test this step step, click the blue Test this step button. If you don't have matching vulnerabilities, Zapier will say that it could not find the vulnerability - this is the expected behavior, just click the Skip Test & Continue link
  4. Click the red Continue button to move to the ACTION steps
  5. Choose app you want to use as your notification action; in our example setup, we will use the Email app which sends e-mail (if you don't see the red Email app, just type email in the search box and select the app), then:
    • in the choose action step, choose the only action available: Send Outbound Email
    • in the set up template step, fill in the target e-mail address, as well as the subject and body. In the subject and body, you can put in to fixed text as well as values of trigger fields sent by VCTR about the vulnerability that triggered the notification. Use the menu-plus sign at the right side of the input field to select a trigger field in the template. See the example screenshot below.
    • check that you received the test e-mail, click the red Finish button
  6. Name your zap: for example, critical vulnerability e-mails and turn your zap On
  7. Click on the grey See it on your Dashboard button and check that the zap shows up in your Zapier dashboard and the slider button shows a green ON indicating the zap is on.

zapier email example