Datagrid Telemetry Client Installation

From rpm package

Install yum repo packages - Datagrid and EPEL:

sudo rpm -U
sudo yum -y install epel-release

Install telemetry client (will install ansible if not present):

sudo yum install -y ansible-dgri-modules

From deb package

Download apt repo package:

sudo apt-key add datagrid.key

Optionally, verify repo package signature (requires Ubuntu15.10 or later due to a bug in dpkg-sig):

gpg --import datagrid.key
sudo apt-get -y install dpkg-sig
dpkg-sig -c dgri-apt-repo_latest_all.deb

Install apt repo package:

sudo apt-get install apt-transport-https ca-certificates
sudo dpkg -i dgri-apt-repo_latest_all.deb

Install telemetry client (will install ansible if not present; requires Ubuntu 14.04 or later):

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get -y install ansible-dgri-modules


  • Update ansible host configuration to include a group with all hosts for which you would like reports. To do so, edit /etc/ansible/hosts. Example:
  • Edit /etc/ansible-dgri-modules.conf to include your ansible group (the one created above, or all) and your Datagrid credentials:
hosts     : dgri
username  : changeme
password  : changeme
  • Verify ansible host setup and access
sudo ansible -m ping dgri
  • To collect data from servers immediately:
sudo ansible-playbook /usr/share/dgri/ansible-playbooks/dgri.yml
  • More examples in the EXAMPLES file


cat $(dpkg -L ansible-dgri-modules |grep EXAMPLES)


cat $(rpm -ql ansible-dgri-modules |grep EXAMPLES)