emulator plugin

The emulator is a stub plugin that supports all standard operations (including some of the Extended operations supported by the 'docker' plugin). It is intended for creating and testing deployments without any actual infrastructure. This can be used for creating demos, and for quick prototyping and verification of deployment models prior to the existence of the services to be deployed.

The emulator capabilities include:

  • all instance, service discovery and load balancer operations
  • all extended operations supported by the docker plugin
  • generating unique identifiers for each created instance, verifying them on other operations
  • defining an initial application state from which to create deployment plans
  • simulating failures on every Nth operation of given type (e.g., instance creation)
  • inserting artificial delay in actions
  • logging all performed actions requested by the Skopos engine and plan into a /tmp/emulator-<project>.log file


Configuration for this plugin is optional and may be omitted.

(work in progress - please contact support if you need more information)