Adding ChatOps

ChatOps Support in Skopos

Skopos supports two different ways you can use ChatOps. They can be used separately or combined:

  • Deploy notifications: the Skopos engine sends a set of pre-defined messages on significant deployment events
  • User-defined messages: you can send custom messages to your ChatOps channel at various places during the deployment process

Currently, Skopos supports Slack notifications; other integrations can be added using Skopos plugins.

Deploy notifications in Slack

Skopos can send notifications to Slack whenever deploys start and end, or any other significant events occur.

The chatops is per project and can be configured in a project's target environment file.

First, obtain a Slack webhook by completing this form and paste the webhook token into the example target environment file below:

File env-slack.yaml:

chatops_plugin: slack

        url: ''

Then, when loading your project add the above environment file to the load (or run) command:

skopos load --bind localhost:8080 --project HelloWorld --env prod.yaml --env env-slack.yaml model.yaml

You can share the slack env file between multiple different applications or have a unique slack webhook for each application (project).

For more details, see the Slack Plugin reference.